About me


My name is Kristiyan Stefanov, I am a critical thinker with a strong creative vision and ultimately want to become an editor in the business economics side of media. Currently, I am looking to gather much needed experience though internships, my BA Journalism course in University of Westminster and extracurricular activities.
For 4 years now I’ve been involved in debating, which paved the way for my interest in politics and economics. Ever since I’ve been honing my ability to write about business and economics through various contacts and internships, such as the one in Kapital – the biggest business economics media in Bulgaria.

I am now looking to expand my knowledge even further, by taking up multiple marketing and editorial positions within University of Westminster. This experience helps me get through all the different ways one can present information in an appealing manner. All of this contributes to my complete understanding of how media works – from the logistics of a business plan, design and target group, to the executive part of writing and editing publications.

During my years of debating I managed to establish a club in my home town and organize a national debating competition, for which I raised over 2700£ and gathered more than 100 students from across Bulgaria to compete and judge. This gave way to my next project “Избери Образование” or “Choose Education” which is a company aimed at helping students find the Bulgarian university that best suits them.

Through my various involvements I’ve been able to build my own skill while supporting the contributions and professional lives of the collaborators that surround me.



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