Tesco Bank cyber raid – the conclusion

It has been a week since Tesco Bank got attacked by hackers. Money was drained from 9000 accounts amassing a total of  £2.5 million and leaving many victims worried. Tesco released a statement, saying that they will refund all the money that has been taken.

Yet, this did not prevent the issue of internet security being raised. Yesterday Mail Online published a summary of the whole ordeal. They included information on how to deal with bank fraud and compared the situation to the Yahoo cyber-attack a few months ago.

The Sun posted a disclaimer about the guarantee of online security. This seemed to be a common topic as most media outlets didn’t miss the chance to post instructions to making your online information more secure.

Two spotlight pieces were published by The Guardian. One was about the fact that many other banks can be susceptible to bank fraud. The other one was about the raising problem with online security. Using brief history of cyber-attacks it highlighted attacks against Ryanair and Sony Pictures. How many attacks have occurred in the last two years? It means to present this as a pressing issue to their constituency, hopefully raising awareness.

The lack of information on the investigation made most media outlets forget the story. BBC News did not do any more coverage after Wednesday. Victims of the attack are still worried which justifies the heavy accent on online security articles.


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