Tesco Bank attack – trying to count the damage

Days after hackers attacked 40 000 Tesco Bank accounts, investigations are still underway. The lack of information and a certain amount of panic from the bank’s side, has caused much confusion and sparked debates around Britain.

The attack was aimed at 40 000 bank accounts and money was taken from 9 000 of them – instead of 20 000, as previously reported. Still, the losses for Tesco were £2,5 million over a single weekend. Tesco also updated their statements by confirming that all affected clients have been refunded and can use all of its services as usual.

The Mail Online reported that the attacks can be tracked to Brazil and Spain. Their piece was followed by highlights of previous cases of bank fraud in Brazil. In that way confirming that the attack may be ‘unprecedented’ for Britain, but similar attacks have been going on for a long time. The Mail Online also included interviews with victims of the Tesco Bank fraud – leveling the problem to a much more personal level.

The Sun was bold in its statements, as usual, and pointed out how the Russian government could be involved in the attack. They did not have any solid evidence of that being the case and it left a feeling of being click-baited once again.

The Guardian provided some much needed depth to the whole ordeal. Stating quotes from Members of Parliament and their demands for an explanation from Tesco. Statements by different security agencies were also given, saying that cyber-security experts will be working on the investigation. The Guardian also provided a few opinion pieces on the topic. They focused on the disruption of comfort in online banking – Can you trust banks with your data? How secure are online banks?

A covering piece by BBC News gave some tips on how you can protect your bank account. A short guide to understanding how online bank security works. Other than that not much depth was given to the story by BBC News, except for a few vague quotes by Benny Higgis, the chief executive of Tesco Bank.



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