Balance your diet

Radical changes are unhealthy, exactly because of this healthy food diets are mostly gradual and subtle. They refine your meals, not omit them. Having this attitude towards news consumption is advisable.

A fair example of radical change advocates is Rolf Dobelli with his article”Avoid News“. It unfairly dismisses all of contemporary media as irrelevant. Indeed it is true that more effort goes in one news article than another, but making generalizations is simply not the way to look at things.

Dobelli speaks about bias confirmation, saying that it makes people “shallow thinkers”. This makes a contradiction arise in his statements about media diet as he does explain that instead of reading news he spends his time reading magazines and scientific materials, which contain more in depth analysis and research. To prove him wrong you simply have to ask yourself: Can you not confirm your bias by reading scientific features that suit your own beliefs?

Consuming vast quantities of media is a slippery slope, though. You can get objective opinions, if you desire. This is something to emphasize on because if you feel comfortable in reading the same agendas every day, you will get tunnel vision. What is evident, though is that by allowing yourself to consume more media, more views, more stories you make conclusions. Based on these conclusions objective mindsets arise. After all it comes down to the individual and how far his desire for knowledge stretches.

Drastic changes like complete news deprivation are unhealthy if objectivity is what you seek. ‘Ignorance is bliss’, they say, that is untrue and makes you an impartial individual in this global village we live in. Balancing consumption is hard with habits, and news reading has truly become a habit to most. Instead of neglecting the contemporary world, be part of it.



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