Is reading still relevant?

Reading through Felix Salmon’s “Teaching journalists to read” you get the sense of dread when you see the way we are losing journalistic values and why they matter.

In the modern era of technology one is basically forced to keep up with social media and the flow of information in order to stay afloat. This in and of it self creates an overwhelming abundance of information and what a journalist needs to do is grab the reader’s attention and be distinguished. By asking open-ended questions Felix Salmon reaches through the page (web or print) and into the mind of the reader.

Another virtue Felix discusses is the ability and more so desire, to read. An important quality one has to possess in order to be successful, according to his article.

“Think about it this way: reading is to writing as listening is to talking — and someone who talks without listening is both a boor and a bore. If you can’t read, I don’t want you in my newsroom. Because you aren’t taking part in the conversation which is all around you.”, he says in his article.

It being 6 years old many would question its relevance today. It’s always useful to be knowledgeable, but where a journalist should stick out is the quality to filter and process all the information gathered. The natural direction our world is developing in creates great prerequisites for that, by providing open source information at your fingertips. What we need to do is absorb the information, process it. And just as Felix put it “take part in the conversation”, have an opinion, be active and distinguish yourself.


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