Big Sam in Big Trouble!

In an undercover investigation earlier today it was revealed that England football manager, Sam Allardyce, amongst others, was part of a tax scam involving  millions of pounds and avoiding set official regulations.

The investigation, lead by The Telegraph, was backed by a video, showing Allardyce himself, uncovering that he’s apparently been avoiding the Football Association’s regulations “all the time”. The whole scam revolves around third-party player ownership by making under-the-table deals with player’s agents, which was all banned by FIFA and the FA back in 2008. Footballer Wayne Rooney and golfer Rory McIlroy were also revealed to be involved.

This is not precedent for Allardyce, who was caught in the spotlight again, back in 2013, for investing in a fake film company. It was later reported that the scheme involved 275£ million of tax fraud.

He denied wrongdoings and two years later joined Sunderland as manager. Only a year after that he was appointed manager of England’s national football team. After a mere 67 days as  England’s manager, his role in the national team will be under serious consideration as FA officials are in crisis talks over at Wembley.


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