Biutiful – Film review 

Biutiful is a movie by director Alejandro González Iñárritu and stars Javier Bardem who presents one of his deepest performaces to date. It follows the story of Uxbal, a man with two children and a failed marrige, struggling to keep his life together as his world starts crumbling down.

After Uxbal learns he has several months of life left, due to being diagnosed with cancer, he begins a struggle to fulfill his moral obligations. His dealing with emigrants and helping them settle in Spain, which takes a turn for the worst. Managing with his bipolar ex-wife who trying to recconect with him and his children. These are all a parts of his life which he feels he has to draw to a close before his imminent passing.

Uxbal also posseses a gift which allows hit to communicate with recently passed away people. This adds another path to the narrative of the film which also adds a bit of  Iñárritu’s trademark multi-layered storytelling.


The film tackles multiple different questions which are hard to take initially and throughout the movie are pondered upon by Uxbal himself. The story explores the value of family, the yearning for solitude inbetween all the chaos and a few more. This is all pulled together by the magnificent performance of Javier Bardem, who as always gives a stellar portrayal of a complex charater with a lot of depth, further cementing his place as a brilliant actor. Here he stands as the strong male lead that ultimately brings this whole heart-throbbing experience to the audience and levels these existencial questions to a relatable level. Seeing Iñárritu tackle this dark and realistic tone is nothing new. What makes this one stand out form his other movies like Birdman and 21 Grams is  the moral dilemas that are tearing apart one single individual who is stuck between doing the right thing for the people he feels closest, and how to properly raise his two children as a single father in the suburbs.


 At times the movie seems to be reaching too far, and it does combine several different stories told trough the same perspective which becomes a bit too much to handle, but for me personally, that adds to the relatability of the character. Making audiences sympathize more with our protagonist. As a dark tale of doing right for your closest in your last hours, Biutiful is truly a marvelous film by one of the hottest directors in Hollywood right now.

Feedback would be much appreciated.


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